Dear Valued Customer:

Did you know that we have been in business since 1921?
That's right, servicing automobiles in Columbus and the surrounding area since World War One. We owe you our thanks for being a loyal customer and appreciate your referral business tremendously. We do not take your referrals lightly because we realize that your reputation is important too. Therefore we treat all our customers as if they were family. Your vehicle is our vehicle. So next time you service or repair your car or truck with us, rest assured that we will take extra care to assure your satisfaction. This we guarantee. Without this commitment to quality service, we would not be in business today.

Please accept our thanks for your continued business and your valuable referrals of friends and family. We truly appreciate the chance to be one of the professionals that you turn to for satisfaction.

Before you take your next family vacation trip, let us inspect and service your vehicle. BF Reames will help keep your family safe.

Vacation Family Safety Rules

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