AntiFreeze Coolant Service

Did you know Antifreeze is a Coolant too?

Antifreeze will keep a hot engine from boiling over and a cold engine from freezing. To maintain proper engine operational temperature year round, your car needs fresh antifreeze (coolant).

If your car is losing coolant or you have not changed it in a year or two, you might consider doing so now, during the hot summer months. According to Firestone Complete Car Care, A car’s coolant system operates on a loop, pumping a mix of water and antifreeze to your radiator to regulate engine temperature. Because coolant absorbs the heat generated by the engine and transports it to the radiator to cool down, it stands to reason that low or weak coolant levels mean its job performance is compromised and your car can overheat.

Cooling system Diagnostics

We can perform a cooling system diagnostics which includes pressure test for leaks, inspect belts, hoses and test radiator cap for $36.00. This will give you peace of mind as you commute and travel this summer. Just topping off fluids over and over agains does not purge the rancid coolant and impurity buildup, you need to flush the system periodically. To flush your cooling system and install new antifreeze, most cars and light trucks can be performed for $63.00, plus the price of appropriate coolant.

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