Customer Courtesy Transportation

Courtesy Ride

Drop your vehicle off at Reames and we'll take to home or to your office. 

Ready when you are

We cater to our customers and are happy to take care of you on a moments notice.

Customer Communication

If we run into an unexpected expense we'll call before we do anything.

Some of you stay so busy with work or family, you just can't make it in for your vehicle scheduled maintenance. The world is a busy place, but your car or light truck needs attention on a regular basis. So here's how BF Reames can help you out.

This works with our fleet service too. I actually used to manage all the vehicles for Knox Pest Control. At the time we were keeping about 100 vehicles running all over Georgia and Alabama. I appreciated the delivery of our vehicles back to our office when they were ready.

How it Works

  1. We will gladly take you to work or home, within a 10 mile radius, when you bring your vehicle to us for work or service.  
  2. If you should need us to come to the office or your home and get the vehicle, we will perform the work and call you when it is ready.  Should you need us to come get you at that time, we will gladly do so.

Old fashion good service has been our goal since 1921 and we mean to keep it up. 

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Before you take your next family vacation trip, let us inspect and service your vehicle. BF Reames will help keep your family safe.

Vacation Family Safety Rules

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